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Azimut | Benetti S.p.A.

Azimut | Benetti S.p.A. Via Michele Coppino, 104 55049 Viareggio - Italy tel. +39 0584 3821 Via Edda Fagni, 1 57100 Livorno - Italy tel +39 0586 4151
39 0586 415 685
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About Benetti

With the biggest growth among any other mega yacht competitors, Benetti -­ the historical Italian shipyard founded in 1873 -­ is the icon of incomparable elegance focused on combining timeless design, world class quality and a maniacal attention to details. -­ Every Benetti yachts offers full customisation and is bui lt all around any little customers needs and requests -­ Benetti de signs and produces two products ’ lines: Class Range -­ from 93 ’ to 145 ’ and Custom -­ steel and aluminium mega yachts over 47 meters. -­ Benetti under construction fleet is ru nning over 3 production sites: Viareggio (77.707 sqm), Livorno (219.440 sqm), and Fano (48.837 sqm). -­ In the next 2012 -­ 2015 the yard plans to deliver 18 new Benetti ’ s Class and 13 new yachts of the Benetti Custom range. -­ Benetti h e a dquarte r is in Viareggi o ( Via Coppino 104 ) along with offic e s in Livorno, F ort Lauderdale (USA) and Hong Kong -­ Benetti Yacht is part of Azimut -­ Benetti Group, the biggest motor yachts builder in the world .


142 years of history, more than 300 boats built, over 300,000 sq m (3.229.173 sq.ft) of production facilities at six shipyards in Italy and 45 yachts under construction at the present time, including 3 giga yachts of 90 mt and longer. These facts and figures unambiguously demonstrate the momentum of Benetti’s growth and Clients’ unrestrained confidence in the brand.


For Benetti, building yachts means carrying on the tradition of innovation, style and quality that has shaped the company’s approach and culture.

It means continuing to diversify production in order to satisfy the increasingly complex needs expressed by Owners throughout the world.
Benetti has a time-honoured tradition in yacht building. After abandoning wood and being the first to realise the potential of composite materials for the production of super yachts, as early as the 1960s it made the transition from metal boats to the steel and aluminium used today.
Today Benetti utilizes these materials, alone or combined, to design and build full-custom displacement and semi-displacement motoryachts in a broad variety of lengths from 93 feet to 90+ meters. These truly tailor made vessels embody the Owner’s idea of what a yacht should be, while retaining the Benetti family-feeling that is a natural expression of the finest Italian style and timeless elegance.
This production capacity, united with world class quality, fanatical attention to detail and a perfect end result, have made Benetti a world leader and an Italian luxury yacht icon.


Benetti has had its headquarters in Viareggio, in via Coppino, since 1873. The two production facilities here, Darsena Lucca and Darsena Italia, are equipped today with the latest technology for building Class Range yachts in the 93 to 145 foot range.
Darsena Italia can produce four 35-70 meter yachts concurrently and can also boast a dry dock and a helipad.Darsena Lucca can build three yachts at the same time up to 42 meters in length. A third, more recent, facility increases production capacity by six more yachts.
Purchased in 2004, the Livorno boatyard covers a surface area of about 200,000 sq m. Inherited from the illustrious Cantiere Orlando, it has been converted by Benetti into a modern production facility where 12 custom steel and aluminium mega yachts can be built at the same time.
The Livorno boatyard also offers super-yacht repair services, with a private dock where boats up to 80 meters in length can moor. As the Mediterranean’s largest and most up-to-date refit centre, it is set to play a key role in pleasure craft development in Italy and Europe as a whole.
The Fano boatyard joined Azimut|Benetti Group in July 2002 following the merger with Cantieri Moschini, of which it had been the majority shareholder since 1998.
The site in Italy’s Le Marche region is today regarded as an international centre of excellence in the moulding and lamination of yachts built from composite materials. The 34,000 sq m production facility, of which 12,000 sq m under cover, employs a highly qualified workforce of specialists.


Recent awards and acknowledgements:

2016  • Showboats Design Awards
Benetti - 125' Ironman
2015  • Robb Report
Best of the Best - Semicustom Yachts
Benetti - Veloce 140
2015  • Asia Boating Awards
Best Yacht Design
Benetti - Illusion V
2015  • Asia Boating Awards
Best Worldwide Production Motor Yacht (25m and above)
2015  • Cathay Pacific Business Awards
Category: Innovation
2015  • Gafencu Men Best of the Best Awards
China's foremost luxury brands
2014  • Robb Report 
Best of the Best Megayacht
Benetti - FB 263 Ocean Paradise
2014  • Global Order Book - Show Boats International
1st Custom Megayacht Builder over 80 ft.
2014  • Asia Pacific Boating Awards
Best Worldwide Custom Built Yacht
Benetti - Lady Candy
2013  • Global Order Book - Show Boats International
1st Custom Megayacht Builder over 80 ft.
2013  • Robb Report Best of the Best
Best semicustom yachts
Benetti Classic Supreme 132
2013  • Asia Boating Awards
Best Semi Custom Built Yacht
Benetti Classic Supreme 132
2013  • World Yachts Trophy 2013
Best Interior Design over 50 m
FB 263 Ocean Paradise
2013  • RINA Green plus award
FB 263 Ocean Paradise
2013  • Yacht Capital Award 2013
May 2012 • 8th Asia Boating Awards
The Best Brand Presence in Asia
April 2012 • Cafencu Men Best of the Best
“China’s foremost luxury brands”
October 2009 • International ShowBoats Awards
"Best custom motoryacht interior under 60 mt”
M/Y Latinou
October 2009 • Yacht Design Award
“Italian design around the world”
June 2009 • Robb Report Best of the Best
“Best charter yacht”
M/Y Xanadu
May 2008 • Val Navtika
“Best new motor yacht”
Benetti 85’
June 2007 • ShowBoats Awards
“Most innovative motor yacht”
M/Y Ambrosia
July 2006 • ShowBoats Awards
“Best full displacement motor yacht under 56 mt”
M/Y Galaxy
May 2006 • Asia Boating Award
“Best motor yacht”
September 2005 • Yachts Magazine European Trophy
“150’ flying bridge”
M/Y Galaxy
September 2004 • Yachts Magazine European Trophy
”80’-100’ flying bridge”
Benetti Tradition
June 2004 • Show Boats Awards
“Best full displacement motor yacht 45 to 56 mt”
Benetti Vision
October 2002 • Yacht Design Award
“For consolidated world leadership in the production of mega-yachts”
September 2002 • Yachts Magazine European Trophy
“Best production & semi-production, 120’ flying bridge”
Benetti Vision
July 2000 • International Super Yachts Design Awards
October 2000 • Yacht Capital Award
“World leading producer of motor mega-yachts”
October 1999 • Yacht Capital Award
“For having built the mega-yacht with the highest DWT in the history of Italian boatbuilding”
July 1998 • ShowBoats Award
“Best full displacement motor yacht under 38 mt”
M/Y Stella Fiera


Azimut|Benetti Group is wholly privately owned, as it has been from the outset.

The Group’s financial solidity and independence, built over more than 40 years in business, are key factors in establishing close relationships of trust with clients.

For Owners it is vitally important to know that they are buying from a financially strong and stable company. In addition, the ability to make independent business decisions has enabled Azimut|Benetti Group to plan organic growth, allowing it to look to the future with confidence and optimism.

Today Azimut Benetti Group provides guarantees of strength and stability, both particularly important factors for Mega yacht Clients involved in long term construction projects.


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