Superyacht Guide Awards

The Superyacht Guide awards a Global Star Rating to superyachts and service companies only after stringent standards are met. Only the most stringent achieve a high star rating based on Quality Assurances, Recognised Certifications, Operational standards and product achievements in the industry. The Superyacht Guide Awards establishes a global benchmark for the Superyacht Industry.

What are the Superyacht Guide Awards?

The Awards offer our members the opportunity to showcase their company's commitment to outstanding innovation, standards, and excellence. The Superyacht Guide Awards categories span several areas: support services, customer services and achievements to the industry.

How are the Superyacht Guide Awards given?

The awards are given annually after stringent standards are met. Each company or yacht has to pass through a list of criteria based on industry standards and innovations.

Superyacht Guide Awards categories:

Superyachts achieve the “Superyacht Blue Star Rating Awards.”
Companies achieve the “Superyacht Gold Star Rating Awards.”
Marinas achieve the “Superyacht Guide Green Star Rating Awards.”

 Benefits of Being a Superyacht Guide Award Winner

  • Showcase your company
  • Receive industry-wide recognition
  • Help your services business stand out from competitors
  • Celebrate the achievements of your company and staff
  • Highlight your dedication to excellence